"Hard markets come and go. In the last few years of the most recent hard market, my organization was treated with such disrespect and conceit by the insurance carriers that I vowed to never face that again. It is notable that we were not a bad risk. We were catalysts in the formation of TRS, and it is one of the best moves we ever made. We have a strong and respected insurance program. When the hard market returns, we will be insulated from the storm."

- William Lowe, CEO Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services

"We love her (Dorrie) to death. We don’t move without her. I don’t know what we’d do without her."

- Debbie Harvat, Director of Nursing, Tabor Hills

"Method Management has been a marvelous resource and a tremendous help to me. Her (Dorrie Seyfried’s) response to my requests are timely, via email or phone."

- Ellen Schieber, Director of Nursing, Apostolic Christian Restmor

"My experiences have been phenomenal. Assistance with challenging situations, supportive and helpful through everything. Nothing but good things to say"

- Krista Forsythe, Director of Nursing, Snyder Village