TRISKS Services

Covenant -Home -Chicago -2Insurance markets are cyclical by nature. Liability insurance for nursing homes is particularly cyclical, leaving operators with doubt and worry about pricing and availability of coverage.  Trinity Risk Solutions removes much of the cyclical nature of insurance because the specific performance of the program is the driving factor in pricing and availability of coverage.  Reinsurers of TRS have been extremely profitable with the program and are less likely to deliver dramatic premium changes. 

As such, our members not only have the peace of mind that comes with first rate liability insurance and risk management services; they also know they can continue to expect stable coverage and pricing – regardless of the hard markets that may be approaching.

Our services include the following:

Risk Management »

Our seasoned team is committed to providing our members with the expertise and resources they need. 

Claims Management » 

From the time of a reported incident, our team is on hand to provide comprehensive assistance and support.

Insurance Placement »

Our relationships with third party carriers benefit you when it comes to your traditional insurance options.