Insurance Claims Management


TRS RRG provides a true multi-disciplinary approach to claims management. From the moment of the incident, our staff remains engaged with the member at all times – from resident incident to claim closure. 


  • Accident Investigation. Our team assists with accident investigations, IDPH reporting if necessary, and corrective actions.
  • Collection of Defense Materials. For qualifying incidents, TRS RRG claims professionals will collect important information in the early stages so that a defense file can be built; this way, in the case that a claim is filed later on, the defense team will be fully prepared.
  • Legal Support. Once a claim is filed, TRS RRG notifies our defense firm, which specializes in medical malpractice and long-term care litigation. Open communication with the legal staff is highly encouraged; ultimately, each insured has the final authority on claims settlement. 

When you’re a Trinity Risk Solutions member, you have peace of mind that your claim is given the utmost attention with your involvement throughout.