Risk Management

New FAIRVIEWFRONTAt Trinity Risk Solutions, we believe that comprehensive risk management means more than simply reducing the risk of liability for our members. With decades of experience in the long-term care field, our specialized risk management team provides a broad spectrum of regulatory expertise and consultative services designed to help our members improve the quality of resident care and meet the ever changing regulatory requirements.

The following are included in our risk management services:

  • Regulatory Reporting Assistance.  Members receive consultative assistance for all incidents qualifying as reportable to the Department of Public Health.
  • Immediate Notice Reporting.  TRS RRG requires all qualifying incidents to be reported to Risk Management. Risk Management assists with the investigation of the incident to determine causation and offers clinical feedback for corrective measures. Additionally, the immediate involvement of Risk Management enables the program to build a defense file in the event a suit is brought in the future.
  • Risk InSight.  Risk InSight is a proprietary online incident reporting and tracking tool. This software system is designed to gather, track and provide detailed reports of resident incidents. The program functions as an accident investigation tool, and it even provides alternate care plan suggestions.
  • On-Site Visits.  We provide annual site visits to all members, with a focus on clinical risk management.  We also provide additional on-site visits for employee safety-related activities of Resident Transfer and Employee Hiring/Training.
  • Satisfaction Surveys. TRS RRG believes that there are strong benefits in performing regular satisfaction surveys for residents, employees and families. TRS RRG reimburses members for their use of satisfaction surveys, up to a pre-determined amount.
  • 24-Hour Risk Management Hotline. Our members can call for assistance at any time.
  • TRS RRG Risk Management Sub-Committee. Member's representatives are invited to participate in the risk management sub-committee and assist in establishing service protocol for the entire program.
  • Webinar Education.  We hold Webinar Trainings to discuss current clinical trends in the industry.

To discuss how our risk management services can help to protect and improve your organization, contact us today at 888-377-5845 or fill out the contact form to the right.