Risk Management


At Trinity Risk Solutions, we believe that comprehensive risk management means even more than reducing the risk of liability for our members. With decades of experience as leaders in the long-term care field, our specialized risk management team provides a broad spectrum of regulatory expertise and consultative services. As our members’ operational partners, the risk management team facilitates improvements in the quality of resident care, resident and family satisfaction, and meeting the challenges of ever-changing regulatory requirements.

 Our risk management services include:

  • Regulatory Reporting Assistance.  Members receive 24/7 consultative assistance for all incidents and allegations that qualify as reportable to the Department of Public Health.
  • Immediate Notice Reporting.  TRS RRG requires all qualifying events to be reported to Risk Management. Our team assists with the investigation of the event to determine causation, offers clinical feedback for corrective measures, and consults regarding effective communication with family, external agencies and others. 
  • On-Site Visits.  Risk Management provides on-site visits to all members, with a focus on clinical risk management. These visits may include observation of resident care, interaction with staff at all levels within the organization, in-service presentations, etc.
  • Focused Risk Management Assessments.  Based upon developed Best Risk Management Practices, the our team evaluates members’ implementation and attainment of best practices and performance goals in high liability-risk areas, monitors progress at the facility and/or organizational level, and efficiently targets risk management and facility resources. Member-specific statistical reports are regularly provided and updated to include anonymous benchmarking within the TRS RRG group. 
  • Pre/Mid/Post Survey Support. From survey preparation activities including Mock Surveys and remote-access medical records reviews, to calls for support during Focused Infection Control Surveys and/or the threat of an Immediate Jeopardy, to post-survey Plans of Correction, our Risk Management team is available to support our members through the myriad of survey inspection challenges.
  • Remote Services. Our Risk Management team can be there to assist, even when they aren’t there with you! Webinar in-service programs and series are provided to discuss clinical and regulatory trends in the industry. Webinars are then available through the member portal to access. Zoom meetings and tele-conferences are also provided for small group in-services, care conferences, etc. Remote access to electronic medical records affords our members ‘real-time’ feedback and consultative guidance, allows for efficient QA sampling of documentation trends, and timely assessment of potential liability exposure, to name just a few of the profound advantages of this access. 
  • 24-Hour Risk Management Support. Our members can call for assistance at any time, 24/7.
  • Satisfaction Surveys.  TRS RRG believes that there are strong benefits in performing regular satisfaction surveys for residents, employees and families. TRS RRG reimburses members for their use of satisfactions surveys, up to a pre-determined amount.

To discuss how our Risk Management services can assist with performance improvement and protect your organization, contact us today!